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Supporting over 500,000 merchants worldwide, the Shopify community is a great place to start your new business

Shopify is fast, secure and endlessly scalable. It can support your business from startup to world domination, speak to us today to find out how

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The Shopify Story

Like most great ideas Shopify was started by a group of entrepreneurs, Tobias Lutke,Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake when unhappy at how difficult it was set up their own ecommerce store.

It was 2004 and the guys had tried, unsuccessfully to launch their own an online store selling snowboarding equipment. Believing there must be a better way to package the requirements of an ecommerce store that was cost-effective and good value for money for new start-ups, the concept for Shopify was born.

Using an open-sourced coding language called Ruby on Rails they developed their new Snowdevil store and eventually launched Shopify as a hosted ecommerce solution in 2006.

The rest as they say is history.The Shopify platform hit the market at the perfect time and was the perfect disruptive technology to take advantage of a blossoming ecommerce industry.

It took the concept of ‘Software as Service‘, that is prevalent in the ecommerce space but made it cost-effective so the barriers to entry were low and it made the pain of 3rd party integration almost non-existent. This was done by having an open API, allowing thousands of apps to be developed and creating a plug and play approach to solving many of the problems faced by retailers.

Now Shopify powers over half a million merchants with further substantial growth predicted around the world.

Shopify Guide Pricing

Custom Theme Development

A customised theme is where you select a pre-built theme from the Shopify Theme Marketplace. We can help you select an appropriate theme or you might have a strong sense of this already but essentially to pick a template which has the right wireframes to support your product range

Once selected we’ll then customise the theme for your to ensure it’s on Brand

There will be ample opportunity for you to have input on the final design and our cool, hipster, graphic designers will make sure you’re happy with the overall look and feel before we begin the coding

As a guide price such projects start from £1,500 + Vat but will ultimately depend on the amount of customisation required. We’ll carry out a scoping session with you first though so you know what the final cost will be before you’re committed to anything

Have a look at some themes to whet your appetite here – Shopify Themes

Bespoke Theme Development

If you feel you need something completely bespoke to your own requirements, something that really stands out and is unique to you then we’d be happy to help as well

We’ll conduct a free scoping session with you to determine your needs and will advise you of the best course of action

As a guide price such projects tend to start from £3,500 + Vat


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The World of Shopify Apps

You are no doubt familiar with the concept of apps from your smart phone. They are easy to install and expand the functionality or your device in an instant, this is the power of the Shopify App Marketplace

Once you’re up and running with your new store and then you suddenly realise you want additional functionality, there’s no need to panic… there’s probably an app for it

There are apps to help you power your Google Shopping, On site reviews, loyalty, email integration…the list goes on. If you’re not convinced take a look at the shopify app market on the link below and see how endless the opportunities really are.

We’ll suggest some of the more popular and essential ones during the build, many of which are free and provided by Shopify ‘out of the box’


Shopify App Marketplace