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There are over 6 billion online searches made every day

With a PPC advertising campaign you are just a single click away from thousands of potential customers. A PPC advertising campaign can be set up and sending traffic to your site within minutes

PPC works especially well when part of an integrated Search Campaign when combined with our SEO Services

Some Top PPC Tips
What is PPC?
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What Can PPC Advertising Do For You?


  • PPC can give you Instant Access to Thousands of Potential Customers
  • PPC gives an Insight into Customer Behaviour
  • PPC Allows you to see a Real-time Feedback on your Spend
  • PPC influences other Digital Marketing such as SEO
  • PPC provides real-time keyword research, informing future keywords

Top Tips To Improve Your PPC Advertising!


  • The Most Important thing is To Pick The Right Keyword!
  • Start Small and Gradually Build your Campaign Up
  • Take your time – Do Not Rush your Ad Copy
  • Focus on Improving your Quality Score
  • Run Regular Search Query Reports and Use the Conclusions to Optimise

What is PPC Advertising ?

Well first of all, PPC Advertising stands for ‘Pay Per Click’ and refers to the set of ads that typically appear at the top and right hand side of the results page whenever a person searches for something.

This effective form of marketing has been around since the early 2000’s. Google were the first to use their search engine to market and it quickly became a success among retailers and entrepreneurs.

Why? Because unlike many other marketing channels, PPC Advertising can put you in front of hundreds of potential customers in a matter of seconds (or minutes, depending on how quick their internet is).

As with all technology, PPC Advertising has advanced over the years. It is becoming increasingly more sophisticated in understanding what the customer searches for and what they actually want. However, the world of PPC Advertising can be a dangerous place and unless you are really ‘Ecommerce ready’ then you could end up spending a lot of money for little return.

One of the pillars of our approach to the management of PPC advertising is a full appraisal of your eCommerce proposition to ensure you can be competitive in the marketplace and that Pay Per Click marketing is appropriate for you.

For many people the world of PPC can seem very overwhelming and intimidating, but here at Apex we can work with you to break this process down. The Founders of Apex, have been at the forefront of the developments in PPC Advertising since 2001 and are able to help you focus on what is important within the campaign, keeping you up to date with the newest practices and advanced techniques to make your optimisation the most effective that it can be.
We pride ourselves on treating every client based on their individual needs so whether you’re just in need of a campaign tune-up, ongoing monthly support or even just some training for your in-house team then give us a shout!

Apex eCommerce is proud to be a Google Partner PPC Advertising Agency based in Birmingham but serves clients all over the UK.