The trick to getting your SERPs to rise....

There’s no getting around it, Search Engine Optimisation is a slow burn, but just like the tortoise and the hare, slow and steady wins the race in the search engine game.

Successful SEO needs to be a multi-layered, well thought through strategy and you can’t rush those critical first steps. But once underway there isn’t a more satisfying feeling than to see those search engine ranks slowly rise to the top.

The founders of Apex have a 17 year history in seeding SEO campaigns that continually outperform the competition. Make the call today and we’ll be happy to perform a free site audit and share our insights with you.


Why SEO is Important

1. It’s a free Source of Traffic!

2. Separates you from the Competition

3. Demonstrates Trustworthiness to Customers

4. Influences other Digital Marketing Channels

Still Want to know more?

5 Tips to Check Your SEO

1. Are you chasing the right Keywords?

2. Is your site optimised towards those keywords with no conflicts?

3. Look at any opportunities to boost your Internal Linking

4. Write Remarkable Content. The content must add value to your target customers

5. Make regular content production a priority in the business

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What is SEO?

You will hear people say a lot the SEO is more of an art than science and to some degree this is true, there is no smart formula that is going to send you to the top of the Google rankings and what’s worse is the ways by which the major search engines determine their rankings is constantly changing, this keeps all webmasters on their toes and their websites nice and fresh. For this reason the world of SEO can seem very overwhelming to start-ups and SMEs but with a little help from the right agency it can be done. At APEX we can help bust some of that jargon for you and help you focus on what’s important in order to start getting the results you’re looking for.

The book of SEO is much like Harry Potter’s book of Magic Tricks, you don’t need all of the tricks all the time and in certain battles you’ll need more of one trick and less of another. Any successful SEO strategy must first start with understanding what the competition is doing and what you are up against, so we can figure out which particular techniques we need to focus on to get the best chance of success. SEO has seen a number of important evolutions over its lifetime from it’s early focus on link-building to the more recent site-busting “Google Panda” which is perhaps the biggest and most infamous update to the Google algorithm there has been over the last 20 years. The Founders at Apex have lived and worked through them all and by focussing on the right combination of “On-site” and “Off-site” techniques we can certainly get you one step ahead of the competition.

If you want some help getting this started please drop us a line and we’ll be touch to start helping you plan the fight.

Apex eCommerce is proud to be a Birmingham SEO Agency but operates nationally as part of the Big Cat Group.

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